Interior Design Trends 2015

16th February 2015

Interior Design Trends 2015

The interior design trends of the past decades are obvious: the 1920’s art decor and the famous Great Gatsby Style; the melamine and bold colours of the 1950s; the chintz pattern of the 1980s. But what happened when we got to the Millennium? Was there a trend for 00’s? What about the 2010s? Are we in a design decade now that will be studied in books years later?

In recent years, we’ve moved towards styles that are much more about individuality and personality rather than the current trend. We are choosing to invest in items and accessories that we deem timeless – or perhaps that’s because they are ‘outside of time’.

I am finding frequently that my clients are asking for different styles of the past trends to be mixed with the new. We are reinventing.

So with that in mind, this is what I project will be the interior design trends for 2015.

1. Metallics

Metallics to interiors are like jewellery to an outfit, they add an elegant touch of detail that completes the overall look.

This year there are no rules to follow. We no longer have to group cold metals with cold metals and warm with warm. An interior can be enriched by introducing layers of metals by combining polished chrome, brushed chrome, antique brass and satin highlights.

Image Via Belle Vivir

Also you may have noticed that Copper is the metal to be this year!

Copper Accessories

2. Colours

Dulux has announced that the colour of the year is ‘Copper Blush’. This soft colour combines naturally with whites, creams, greys, and of course with the trendy highlights of Copper.

However, I don’t think this means that we will now see Copper Blush used everywhere. Although, I have already used it in a bedroom design this year – which will soon make an appearance on the blog.

2015 will see more homes embrace colour on walls, fabrics and painted furniture. We will see depth and mood added through the use of dusty colours, such as Olive Green, Aubergine, Indigo and of course Blue.

But we won’t be seeing the end of the Greys just yet, they will continue to remain timeless to create calm and elegant interiors.

3. Large = Luxury

Large Windows | Large Tiles | Large Floorboards | Large Scatter Cushions | Large Mirrors | Large Headboard

Where you can, go larger.

4. ‘White Space’

In graphic design the term ‘white space’ is referring to space that isn’t occupied by text, images or other visible page elements. This space is used to ensure your attention is drawn to the important areas. This space is just as important in interiors. Fighting the desire to fill every empty space with a picture frame is a temptation worth fighting to achieve balance and harmony. We will see this embraced more and more boldly as an interior design trend in 2015.

5. Artistic Expression

Art has always been a large part of decorating interiors, but now with so many different art mediums (e.g. printing on cushion covers!) it is more easily available and affordable, so we will be seeing more expression through art this year.

‘A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts.‘ ~ Joshua Reynolds