Interior Design Styles

22nd September 2014

Your decorating style in three words…

If you were asked to describe your decorating style in three words, what would the three words be?

Does your home reflect who you are and your personality?

There are so many interpretations of what different interior styles are. In this post I will only address the key ones. I will include one image of each style I am referring to and I will do the impossible and limit myself to three words to describe each style. This is my take on it, and what I tend to mean when I am describing the styles.

Your comments are welcome if you have different views, interpretations or anything to add!

I will go into full detail of each interior design style in the following posts, so keep your eyes pealed to this space for the upcoming blog posts!


– raw – exposed – untamed –


– worn – natural – warm –


– minimal – clean – sharp –

Ethnic (Including Bohemian & Moroccan)

– detail – earth – natural –

I think these lamps say it all – from my favourite shop for ethnic items:


– comfort – floral – order –


– compromise – simple – fresh –

Mediterranean / Coastal

– beach – calm – cool –


– busy – cocktail – colourful –

Most homes are a mixture of several of these styles incorporated to work together in harmony and to represent the individual personality of each dweller.

You can take this short and fun quiz by Houzz to find out ‘What’s your decorating style?