DIY Christmas Welcome Wreath

13th December 2014

Advent Day 13: DIY Christmas Welcome Wreath that Looks and Smells Amazing!

As mentioned in previous posts we had lots of spare pine branches left from our real Christmas tree as the lower branches had to be cut off to fit the tree in to the base stand. To think the tree only cost £27 and it’s a beautiful 6′ tree, plus I have used the excess branches to make a Christmas garland for the mantle, and also simple candle wraps.

Today I am revealing how you can save on buying a wreath by making your own.

What you need:

– Pine branches
– A wire clothes hanger
– Ribbon
– Thread
– Cinnamon Sticks
– Oranges
– Bells, baubles, or something else decorative and shiny

The only preparation that was required was to dry out the oranges. I found this method works best:

1. Thinly slice an orange.
2. Sprinkle with cinnamon and icing sugar.
3. Lay out the orange slices on a pizza tray without overlapping.
4. Bake at 100°C for 3 hours, turning over occasionally.
5. Turn the oven off and leave them in it while the oven cools.

The whole house will smell amazing!

Assembling the wreath:

1. Use pliers to make the hanger into a circle, leaving the hook at the top.
2. Twisted the pine branches around the wire circle and tightened with thread.
3. Using a wide ribbon wrap around the branches to add further support and also to decorate the wreath.
4. Add some small decorations (I used gold bells), resting in the branches.

Finally sew on the dried orange slices and finish off with a few cinnamon sticks.

The completed Christmas Wreath!

It looks great on the outside of the entrance door and smells delicious!