DIY Christmas Garland

8th December 2014

Advent Day 8: DIY Christmas Garland

We went to a Christmas Tree Farm this year to choose our tree. To fit it into the base some of the bottom branches needed to be cut off. I didn’t want these to go to waste so I’ve been decorating around the house with these spare pine branches. Yesterday I posted a very simple tip to wrap pine branches around candles:

Pine Branches Candles

For today’s tip I am revealing the Christmas garland I assembled using the cut off pine branches.

I tied the branches together using green wool so you can’t see where one branch ends and the next starts. As our mantle is not very large I chose not to make the garland very bushy, although I still have plenty of spare branches left!

I decorated the garland with lights, red beads and red glitter coated Poinsettias.The only time of year you can really go all out with fairy lights is Christmas time!

The mantle also displays my favourite Snowmen, which are hand carved and painted nesting dolls we bought in Russia last winter.

Lastly, to complete the mantle, I placed two hand made glass candle holders, which are very original in design and were an early Christmas present for me! When my husband saw me decorating the fireplace mantle, he pulled these out of his hiding place to my delight as an early Christmas present! I love them and the delicate touch they add to the mantle display.

DIY Pine Garland

Mantle at Christmas

Decorated with lights, red beads and glitter coated Poinsettia flowers.

The Snowmen are handmade nesting dolls from Russia.