DIY Blackboard Wall

15th March 2015

You might remember a while back I posted this photo across social media and I’ve had many people ask where and what it’s for.

The wall I painted is not very large and is in my home office. The reason for it was to create an area in the office to use as a notice board, to jot down ideas and make quick notes.

The paint I used was from Wilkos, 500ml cost £5.95. It was plenty and I still have about a 3rd of the can left over.

I’ve never worked with paint so easy to apply and so quick to dry. It’s glossy when you first apply and before your eyes it turns matt as it dries.

I gave it two coats for a full, solid finish.

I bought some wet-erase blackboard markers from ebay, which are easy to write on, although do require a firm rub to wash off. I’ve not tried dry-erase markers, they might be easier to rub off.

On Saturday early evening, while my husband was making dinner, I had a little free time myself. I decided to fill the wall with an iceberg…

The first finished result:

Completely unintentionally there appeared what looks like a lady’s face, on the left side of the underwater iceberg.. Which I enhanced, intentionally.

I thought all of a sudden it acquired a deeper meaning of a lady wearing a mask disguised in the hidden body of the iceberg. Just like most of the iceberg is underneath the water; so is what makes the most of a person, is hidden within….

…..but then came along my husband. As soon as he saw it he said that he didn’t think it looked like a lady, but it was Batman!

To oblige him, I transformed the masked lady to Batman!

Having this wall is great for creativity, whenever I feel like drawing it’s there. The only downside is that the work of art then has to be erased!